8 Logic Channels, Single Supply, Bidirectional Voltage Level Shifter RT-NVT2008


This is 8 channels bidirectional voltage level shifter. Signal transition between the high and low voltages occur asynchronously and without need to control a direction.
Low voltage side regulator can be supplied from the high side input voltage. This regulator can be used to supply external low voltage circuitry. Both voltages has a LED indicator.

Additional wire strap slots can be used to mount module on the ribbon cable. Strap slots can be detached to save space and standard 2.54 mm pin headers can be populated of the instead cable.

Headers layout is compatibile with a typical breadboards.


  • this multiple channels voltage level translator has wide range of the input voltages,
  • minimum voltage difference between high and low sides is 1.2V,
  • module can source low side voltage to the external devices.
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RT-NVT2008 is a bidirectional voltage level translator. Converter pass the signals in both ways from high to low and from low to high without need to control the signal direction.
Input power supply voltage drives a high voltage side (VrefB) and a low side voltage regulator (VrefA) which can also be sourced on VL pin. Low dropout regulator used to supply the low voltage side allow minimum difference between VrefA and VrefB to be as low as 1V.
We are supplying the boards with one of the 1V/1.2V/1.8V/2.5V/3.3V/5.0V regulator. Voltage of the regulator should be selected for the low side voltage. Depend on the application not all configurations of the high and low side voltages can be achieved. Minimum voltage difference between B and A must be more than 1V:

(V_Input_B - V_Input_A) >= 1V.

Because of that maximum voltage allowed depend on the input:

  • low side input A is constrained by chosen voltage regulator and can vary from 1.0V to 3.3V,
  • high side input B is constrained to supply voltage and can be as high as 5.0V

See comparison of the correct voltages in the table below:

Input A minimum
translated voltage
Input B supply
2.5V 3.3V 5V
1V A A A
1.2V A A A
1.8V P A A
2.5V P P A
3,3V P P A

A – Allowed configuration
P – Prohibited configuration. It won’t work.

Multpile channels voltage level translator can be used with the interfaces: SPI, I2C/TWI, UART or standard logic IO. Example system configurations are showed in the picture:

Product specification

  • Translator IC: NVT2008PW
  • Channels number: 8
  • Optional pullup resistors for each line
  • Voltage Regulator VREF_A (SOT23-5): 1.2/1.8/2.8/3.0/3.3V
  • Voltage supply:
  • VREF_A (Input_A) = <1.0-3.3>V
  • VREF_B (Input_B) =<1.2;5.0>V
  • Signalization LEDs for VREF_A and VREF_B
  • 3.2mm mounting holes
  • Pads for the 1.27mm ribbon cable


NXP Website – NVT2008 – Datasheet

Robothings RT-NVT2008 – Bill of Materials

Example signal plot

Circuit Diagram

Mechanical Drawing

Assembly Drawing


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