RTA-500 Pre-Amplifier, RRIO, Single Supply, Adjustable-Gain, Bandwidth up to 200kHz


This operational amplifier module has bipolar input and unipolar output. Input signal can be amplified or attenuated depend on the potentiometer setup. Value of the output voltage can change from 0 V up to supply voltage which can be choosen from 2.7V up to 5V. Example usage diagram shows a bias and output dependency from the input signal.

Amplifier was designed for the analog-digital converters. Phase and frequency characteristics depend on the gain. Characteristics are section in frequency gain plot section of the product description.


RTA-500 module is a general-purpose inverting amplifier with the AC coupled input and gain regulated with a potentiometer. This device is designed as an analog front-end for the popular analog-digital converters embedded in the microcontrollers. Wide input signal voltage range and signal polarization allows to use a single supply ADC to sample the bipolar signal sources.

The amplifier module is compatible with the ADCs embedded in ARM (STM discovery, LPC boards, etc.) and ATMEGA (ARDUINO boards) microcontrollers.

Rail to rail output allow to sample signals from gnd to supply voltage without loss of input range. Input bias to half of the supply voltage allof sensing both the unipolar and bipolar signals.

Amplifier was built from non piezoelectric components to avoid noises due mechanical vibrations.

Amplifier can be used for
  • ultrasonic or IR transducers applications,
  • voltage and capacity measurement,
  • strain gauge or piezoelectric sensors,
  • as analog and digital signals amplifier.

Product specification and datasheet

RTA-500 module datasheet.

  • Single supply: VS=<2.7V,5.5V>
  • Input signal voltage: VIN=<-20V,20V>
  • Output signal voltage: VOUT=<GND,VS>
  • Adjustable voltage gain: KU=<0.25V/V,12V/V>
  • Pass bandwidth from 1Hz. F3dB min.=1Hz, F3dB max.=<70kHz,200kHz>
  • Dimensions: 19.24×12.95 mm
  • Mechanical vibrations and shock resistance with C0G capacitor without piezoelectric materials

Application example

The RTA-500 single supply application and can be supplied from one or two sources: the supply voltage and the ADC reference voltage. If the reference voltage is not available the VRef input can be tied to the supply voltage. The maximum signal values are described in the RTA-500 module datasheet.

Circuit diagram

RTA-500 Amplifier Circuit Diagram not loaded. Yet!
RTA-500 Adjustable-Gain AC Coupled Inverting Amplifier Module Circuit Diagram

Mechanical Drawing

Frequency gain plot

Transient response


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