8 Channels Bidirectional Voltage Level Translator/Shifter/Converter

Product overview

RT-NVT2008 is bidirectional voltage level translator operating in a range: Vref(A) = <1.0-3.3>V and Vref(B) =<1.2;5.0>V with a minimal voltage difference: Vref(A) <= (Vref(B)-1).

Voltage conversion occurs without direction pin.

Vref(A) is powered from a LDO voltage regulator in a SOT23-5 supplied from the Vref(B) line. The LDO can be changed for any fixed voltage regulator with output voltage in an allowable Vref(A) range.

Optional pull-up resistors lets for using RT-NVT2008 for the I2C communication or with a open drain transmitter.

Wire assebly.

1.27 mm ribbon cable of the AWG26 wire size can be soldered directly to the board.

Product description

Translator IC: NVT-2008
Channels number: 8
Optional pullup resistors for each line
Voltage Regulator Vref(A) (SOT23-5): 1.2/1.8/2.8/3.0/3.3V
Voltage supply:

  • Vref(A) = <1.0-3.3>V
  • Vref(B) =<1.2;5.0>V

Signalization LEDs for Vref(A) and Vref(B)
3.2mm mounting holes
Pads for the 1.27mm ribbon cable

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