8 Logic Channels, Single Supply, Bidirectional Voltage Level Shifter RT-NVT2008

RT-NVT2008 Module

8 Channels Bidirectional Voltage Level Translator

RT-NVT2008 Dwukierunkowy translator poziomów logicznych obraz
RT-NVT2008 Dwukierunkowy translator poziomów logicznych obraz

Product overview

RT-NVT2008 is a bidirectional voltage level translator operating in range: VREF_A = <1.0-3.3> V and VREF_B =<1.2;5.0> V . Minimal voltage difference: (VREF_B - VREF_A) >= 1V.

NVT2008PW transient characteristic
RT-NVT2008 @ 3V3 LDO - transient characteristic. Signal source: SPI clock - 4 MHz, 5V.

Voltage conversion occurs without direction pin.

VREF_A is powered from a LDO voltage regulator in a SOT23-5 supplied from the VREF_B line.

Voltage shifter can be used with the interfaces: SPI, I2C/TWI, UART and standard logic IO.

Product description

  • Translator IC: NVT2008PW
  • Channels number: 8
  • Optional pullup resistors for each line
  • Voltage Regulator VREF_A (SOT23-5): 1.2/1.8/2.8/3.0/3.3V
  • Voltage supply:
  • VREF_A = <1.0-3.3>V
  • VREF_B =<1.2;5.0>V
  • Signalization LEDs for VREF_A and VREF_B
  • 3.2mm mounting holes
  • Pads for the 1.27mm ribbon cable

Connection diagram

RT-NVT2008 Connection Diagram
RT-NVT2008 Connection diagram. Click to enlarge.

Circuit diagram

RT-NVT2008 Circuit Diagram
RT-NVT2008 Circuit diagram. Click to enlarge.

Machanical drawing

RT-NVT2008 Machanical drawing

Assembly drawing

RT-NVT2008 Assembly drawing
RT-NVT2008 Assembly drawing

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